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Meaning of Each Card

Each card in the deck has it's own meaning outside of it's view as a birth card.  Not only does the card itself have meaning but it is attached to other cards in a matrix type pattern.  It also has different meanings depending on the subject of the reading, the placement of the card in the spread, and whether it is upright or reversed.  Standard playing cards have been designed so as to look the same regardless of position and this advantage is to suit modern card games.  However, here at Heart Shoppe we believe that not only should the cards have an upright and reversed position but also, should they be chosen randomly and blindly (or if the chosen cards fall out of the deck) that it is important whether or not they fall or are pulled face up or down (adding an extra dimension not used with tarot.)
Enter the abbreviation for each card in the search box below to find the deeper meaning of the card: 1) suit (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds,) 2) color (black or red,) 3) number (1-10, Jack, Queen, King,) 4) subject (Career, Romance, Wealth, Body, and Spirit,) 5) placement in the spread (1-10 card place marks only,) and 6) position (upright, reversed, face up, face down, sideways left, sideways right.)
Feel free to email, call, or text with questions but most of all, enjoy and have fun!
[Use Rank:1-10, J, Q, K & Suits: S, H, C or D. For example: 10 Spades=10.S. and King Hearts= K.H.] ***THIS SEARCH ENGINE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION.***