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About Your Card Reader

Kristin has spent 20 years in a career as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. Through this experience she has interviewed thousands of people. She uses a form of card reading call Cartomancy which is utilizing a regular deck of cards to answer any questions you have about your life path.  Many readers and psychics avoid certain questions but Kristin has developed a unique way of reading cards that does not limit her ability to literally answer anything you want to ask about yourself. You can start with a general question and the cards can be reworked to any degree to obtain more and more detail about any topic! Kristin is even able to do a psychic reading where you are not required to disclose the questions you are asking.  Be prepared to be amazed!  In the event that you have a block and you need to work through it, Kristin is also offering coaching services to assist you in manifesting your dream life!